A Times headline proclaimed, “The Pandemic has Slowed the Divorce Process.  Here’s What to Expect.”

A litany of nightmares follows — inability to commence the process, ongoing cases at a standstill, incomes plunging while divorce costs soar as delays abound with no end in sight.  This is the new COVID-19 reality.  In Connecticut, and around the world, divorced and divorcing parents are finding themselves stuck. Courts largely are closed or operating at reduced hours and capacity, as families are dealing with staggering new pressures such as income instability, asset declines, agreeing on safety measures for children or managing custody schedules thrown into chaos.

Is there another way forward for these families? 

The answer is a resounding, “YES!”  Process options other than the court-based litigation approach to divorce have been around for decades.  These options help families navigate divorce and post-divorce support and child custody arrangements without having to go to court.