Practice & Process

Practice Areas

Divorce, Separation, Child Custody

For clients who are embarking on the transition from an intact to a divorced family, services include:

  • Developing the financial data necessary to make educated decisions about alimony, child support and asset division
  • Crafting child-centered parenting plans
  • Negotiating and drafting a divorce/separation agreement
  • Preparing all forms necessary to finalize the divorce

Post-Divorce Financial or Custody Disputes

For clients who either need to modify their original divorce agreement or continue to have conflict with a former spouse, services include renegotiating alimony or child support agreements, drafting new parenting plans and counseling/coaching parents in high-conflict custody matters.

Pre & Post-Nuptial Agreements

For clients who want to create financial certainty for themselves as they embark on a shared life with a future spouse, or for current spouses who are struggling in their marriage and want to create financial boundaries, services include negotiating and drafting an agreement that provides for support and/or property division in the event of a divorce.

Child Abuse, Neglect Proceedings

For clients who become involved with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), services include collaboration with DCF to ensure that children remain at home, and representation in juvenile court proceedings.

Process Options: Which is right for you?

Collaborative Process

A team-based approach to divorce or post-divorce issues in which you and your spouse are represented by specially trained attorneys joined by a neutral coach and/or financial professional. The clients commit to a private, out-of-court settlement process. The team works together to support the clients, with each professional having a well-defined role: the attorneys to assist with legal education and advocacy, the financial to collect the data and assist with financial education and planning, the coach to facilitate communication and children’s issues.


A private, out-of-court settlement process in which a neutral mediator educates both parties about their legal options, facilitates communication and decision-making and helps them come to an agreement. Separately, the parties retain attorneys outside the mediation process to offer legal advice and serve as review counsel.

Consultation, Limited Scope Representation

For clients in an adversarial court process, limited scope representation is tailored to address your specific needs and efficiently navigate the complexities of family or juvenile court.